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Plug in pool system

The Plug in Pool system is an underwater electric outlet that works without contact. The plug installed in the swimming pool’s wall works by induction. It is wireless, contactless and above all, safe.

As soon as the plug is disconnected, the electrical power stops automatically and you can remove your light and replace it with an accessory. You can currently use the Plug in Pool system with large and small lights available in white and color versions. You can also plug the SoundBowl, which will entertain you and your guests as of summer 2017.

Created by our R & D technicians, Plug in Pool® aims to equip a large number of underwater devices in addition to the lights already available: robot cleaners, pool alarms, etc.

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LED Lighting

Since 2005, we have decided to use LED technology to make lights suitable for pools. In order for our products to best match your installation, CCEI has developed a range that can be adapted to different types of installations: fiberglass, liner, concrete and others. 

Each year, we focus our research on innovation. Thus, we regularly offer new products to improve the luminous efficiency of our lights and their durability. Discover our new heat dissipation system for a very high luminous efficiency.

The new energy saving standards for swimming pools emphasizes the control of energy consumption and the lifetime of lights. To be in line with these new standards, we are continually working to improve the luminous efficiency of our lights and their lifespan in order to offer you a sustainable product.

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Water treatment

Since 2000, we've continued to offer innovative devices for swimming pool water treatment, ranging from salt electrolysers, to pH regulators, and even multi-use devices. Discover the Phileo, our compact electrolysis, equipped with color LEDs that change according to the temperature, salinity, and acidity of the water.  Using our Phileo line of products, you can now more effectively and efficiently manage your pool's pH and ORP levels for an enhanced water treatment experience, and reducing the amount of chemicals used in pools.

Drawing on our 40 years of experience in the pool industry, we are at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and delivering innovative devices for every pool, for today, and for tomorrow.

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Power control

Swimming pool automation is core to CCEI's identity. For more than 40 years, we have been producing electrical boxes to automate and facilitate the management of the swimming pool.

Our experience in this field allows us to offer complete units, combining a number of functions into a single box: filtration management, power supply and control of LED lighting, level control, heating, frost protection, and many more.

Centralize control of your pool from your smartphone with our Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled-application. The Tild line of products can help you substantially reduce your electricity bill by planning and remotely controlling your filtration, heating, lighting and other systems, all from the palm of your hand.

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