About us

Since 1973, CCEI has been designing and manufacturing electrical equipment for private and public pools. Over the years, we have acquired in-depth experience with pools and their speci c constraints.

Starting as a manufacturer specialized in electrical boxes, we have expanded our expertise to different elds, including automatic water treatment and lighting for pools to become a leader in Europe.

CCEI’s technical team has grown and we now have recognized skills in electronics, optics and electrochemistry. With this knowledge, we are able to provide global, adapted solutions to pool builders and industries and enhance the safety, ergonomics and reliability of pool facilities.

Our relationships with our partners, clients and suppliers are long-standing and based on shared essential values: trust and respect.

Moreover, we strive to contribute to sustainable development in the pool industry. By working hand in hand with builders, we look for solutions to reduce energy and water consumption, and, more generally, our impact on the environment.

Every year, CCEI invests substantial amounts in researching innovative solutions with the en- gineering team based in Montreal. From the use of unique processes for managing lighting colors to the contact-free underwater socket, “Plug In Pool®,” CCEI strives to make pools even simpler and safer to use with innovative technologhy.

For more than three years, both CCEI Inc., based in Montreal and CCEI USA Inc. based in Los Angeles have worked hard to adapt their products to North American market requirements and have obtained certi cations for UL, CSA, FCC and IC standards.

From design to manufacturing, CCEI has mastered each step in the industrialization process of its products.

Our talented, experienced North American team enhances its expertise with every new season to better respond to your expectations in order to create, together, the pool equipment of the future.