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Price List CCEI 2017

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Plug in pool system

Plug in Pool Socket PF10R24C/50
Gaia Plug in Pool PF10R25B/W
Mini Gaïa Plug in pool PK10R806/W
Transformer 24V-DC PF10V203
Noria Plug in Pool PF10R25B/I
Mini Noria Plug in Pool PK10R806/I
Bluetooth Controller 24V-DC PF10R08F
Adapter and Trim Ring PF10R14U/W
Transformer 24V-DC with RC+ Controller PF10V206
Floating Speaker Sound Bowl PF10R24E

LED Lighting

Transformer 12/13/14V-AC PF10V201
Mini Brio Liner PK10R303L/W/50
Mini Brio Fiberglass PK10R300F/W/50
Bluetooth Controller 12V-AC PF10R08E
Transformer 12V-AC with RC+ Controller PF10V204

Power control

Pool automation - Meteo-r PF10Y500

Water treatment

PH regulator / ORP Orpheo PF10J011