The patented Plug-in-Pool system (No. 1260746) operates on the principle of transmission of electric power wirelessly by induction. The Plug-in-Pool is composed of two distinct parts. The waterproof socket is housed in the pool wall and a compatible device is plugged into it. The plug fits into the secured socket and attaches to it with a bayonet device.

Induction is the creation of a current from an electromagnet. This is nothing but copper wire powered by alternating current and wrapped around a metal bar. Around this coil appears a magnetic field. If a compatible metal is found in this field, electric currents (induced currents) appear in the piece of metal. Induction is then created.

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PF20R24C/15 Plug Portion PinP 50W - 15ft cable - with winter cap  
PF10R24C/50 Plug Portion PinP 50W - 50ft cable - with winter cap  
PF10R24C/100 Plug Portion PinP 50W - 100ft cable - with winter cap  

Data sheet

Power 52W
Compatible RC+
Compatible with fiberglass, liner and concrete pools
3 cable lengths available 15 ft 50 ft or 100 ft
Power Supply 24V-DC
Winterizing plug Provided