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The Noria LED light is exclusively compatible with the Plug-in-Pool system, meaning that there is no cable between the light and the base. It is designed with a flat glass on which is screwed a 316L stainless steel trim ring.

It is equipped with a plug that fits into the base positioned in the pool wall. The Noria projector is available in white and multicolored lighting with 36W of power. The stainless steel trim ring will give a modern twist to your pool and is designed to resist salt water.

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PF10R24A/I Noria Light PinP PPM40 - white - stainless steel trim ring  
PF10R25B/I Noria Light PinP PPX30 - color - stainless steel trim ring  

Data sheet

Power 35W
Maximum luminous flux 3500 lm
Compatible RC+
Stainless Steel 316L
Compatible with fiberglass, liner and concrete pools