Floating Speaker Sound Bowl

The SoundBowl is the first accessory for the Plug in Pool system. It is a floating and completely waterproof loudspeaker that plugs with its induction plug into the Plug in Pool socket installed in the wall of the pool. Moreover, its ambient light will add a touch of fun to your pool.

All you need to do is connect the Soundbowl to your phone via Bluetooth and play your favorite music. Its power of 100W makes it possible to diffuse very high quality sound that is adjustable thanks to the button installed on the top of the SoundBowl.

Is your cell phone ringing while you are in the water? Do not panic, you can answer it from your pool and chat without having to move.

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PF10R24E Floating speaker - SoundBowl  

Data sheet

App Bluetooth®
Power Supply 24V-DC - Plug in Pool Socket
Warranty 2 years